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300 Main St
Salem, NH, 03079


Salem Consignment 

Friends and Consignors

Hello Consignors and friends of the store.  


Many of you are aware, but for the rest, I recently had some significant health issues which has left me unable to move heavy furniture on a regular basis for the next year.  For a change I will listen to others much smarter than I in these medical areas.

I thought it would be a difficult decision to make, but not really. Its my health.  That is not to say I wont miss all the amazing people whom walked through the blue door of 300 Main Street.  What a lucky guy I was to have people walk in and share; the interesting, the unknown and often the closest most dear to ones heart stories and items, with me.  Leaving the Salem location was an easy one as I said, its doctor's orders.  Leaving the day to day interaction with some of the most amazing people I have ever met, will be greatly missed and not duplicated in my future.  There was an excitement, which made it easy to get up every day and unlock that blue door.

Now for the new!!!   I am not going out of business, just moving to Windham and working on an appointment basis.  One dramatic change is the reduction in large furniture.  Without large furniture, the store is less critical.  Those of you that know me, know its the unique and often rare or crazy, limited or colorful or bizarre items that occupied my time, research and story telling.  These are the items that need a world market and not just local foot traffic.   Ebay is just one avenue to the world marketplace. Other such avenues are;  Skinner,  Southerby and other specialty auctions, wholesale marketplaces and specialty stores throughout the country.  We have some of the most amazing things in the world here in New England and here is a  little secret..  The rest of the country wants it!!  That being said, I am not going anywhere.

Not sure if you noticed, there were a lot of items at 300 Main Street.  I also apologize for letting you know after the fact.  You must realize this was a very quick decision after realizing my lease was coming up in July and not September, the month we opened. We did a full inventory of both store and consignor items.  Items were listed according to consignors and separated, wrapped, boxed, labeled and trucked to the storage facility.  In the few weeks we had, we could not look for any one persons items but do an entire store physical inventory.  Once done, had we had a few more weeks, we could have just handed you your boxed items to take, donate, or allow us to continue marketing your item.   We did not have extra time at 300 Main Street,  though now we do in Windham.  And as a bonus, all done at a pre-scheduled time, made by you.

Over the next few weeks, you will receive a  list of:

1  Remaining items.

2  Check list on how to handle each item;  Return , Keep Selling or Donate  (some items might not have all 3 options eg. return or donate)

3  Times and dates one can retrieve indicated items

Of course you can call and leave a message including your name and phone number. Your message will be transcribed and printed, then I can reply. 

ANY PHONE MESSAGES LEFT between June 15th  and  July 17th most likely was not recorded thus not heard due to a machine malfunction gone unnoticed.